Day 30 – Ode to a Curling Iron

And here we are – 30 days on and another NaPoWriMo comes to an end.  Again so much fun, and this time I had so much to spark my imagination.  I will endeavor to try and keep creating through the year. For now, this is for a dear friend who is about to embark on an epic journey.  Adieu.

Closing the flap
Forcing the zip
Looking down at the floor
You lie

Do I need you?
Do I want you?
Will voltage kill you?
Or bring you to life?
Do my waves require your touch?

I stare
To hell with it
I let go.
I leave you behind.
Let my curls fall their own way.
Why force beauty when it is already there!

Instead I will close the drawer,
And open my heart
To new possibilities

And probably bad hair…..



Day 29- Evening Walk

Today’s prompt I think reflects actually how I like to write my poetry “by producing a poem that meditates, from a position of tranquility, on an emotion you have felt powerfully”.

The last of the coolness leaves my skin
From the moment of rushing through the evening
Getting the last evening light
Pushing to the end
Feeling the briskness
While creating heat
The last sounds of the twilight
With a spring bird chirping in leafless trees
The rush now leaving
The languishing limbs succumbing
The faint whisper of wind
As I close my eyes.

Day 28- A Moment.

I came across this poem I wrote 2 years ago.  I have no idea why I wrote it.  But it seemed a good time to fill the space as I rush to the end of NaPoWriMo.

Waiting in the moment
Not wanting it to end
But to come back and envelope me
To take me back to a place, a breath, a sunbeam
But now the beam broke
The breath exhaled
The place distant

Library of Congress – Washington DC


Day 27 – Pebbled Shore

Today’s prompt is to use one of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and “pick a line you like and use it as the genesis for a new poem.”   The line I use is from Sonnet 60.   My Gran had a little book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and I used to pretend it was my book of spells.  I also liked Sonnet 60.  Something about the pebbled shore.  The rest of it now I read is quite depressing, but I will try to turn it into how I remembered using it.

Like as the waves make towards the pebbl’d shore
I would twirl around and imagine an ocean
I would conjour up images of surf and sand
I would pretend that I was sailing over those waves
Feeling the spray in my face

I was not thinking of the end
Instead casting spells to continue the play
And dance along that pebbled shore.

And now instead I watch my children
Cast spells out to the waters deep
Telling the sun its time to rest
And willing the moon to rise and play
While waves are replaced by ripples,
And my youth lives on in my children.

Day 26- In between

I had some surgery on this particular day – this was the wait beforehand.

Cloth walls separate
Trying not to look into each other’s eyes
Instead to the skylight above
Where sunlight diffuses
Waiting for our separate turns
Some already through.
Others not knowing what is to come.
Looking back up to the skylight
Avoiding stares
And looking inwards instead

To try and remain calm
While muttering goes on around
In hushed worried voices
I lose my interest in the light
And close my eyes.

Day 24- Afternoon in the Garden

Had a lovely weekend working in the garden over Easter.

The feeling of dirt under my finger nails
The smell of damp earth waiting to be planted
The thrill of clearing all that is old and dead
And finding the bright green of new growth
All pleases my tired heart

All revives the expectations of a new season
New life.