Last Evening at Camp

Evening walk with Sable at Birds Hill.

Cloud hung low
Moving fast south
North wind reminding me of what is to come .
Into the thick forest
Deadening the wind
But not the coolness
That has come with the cloud.
Evening is closing in.

At the corner
At the top
Out of the forest
Something catches my eye
Draws both up
To the brilliance of a sunset
Catching the tops of the trees
And the few Fall yellows
Driving violent pinks and purples into the sky
As it rolls out and drives away the cloud
Promising a new day….

But then I blinked and it was gone.


Day 30- Ode to my two fav Jets

This has been, I feel, my most creative month yet for NaPoWriMo. All my poems were written during the month. Sometimes…near the end ….a couple at a time on whatever flew into my head. It was fun, inspirational, and I have enjoyed the comments from all. It was my first year to link it to my facebook account and to have people I actually know read them. That was nerve wracking, as the poems do shine little glimpses into brief smatterings of my minds eye. Thank you for being kind. I will try again through the year to post the odd poem. I can’t believe this is poem 90 in three years! I also want to thank my fellow poets on the journey. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the amazing work that it is out there. What a great bunch to be associated with. Until next year!

So here we go…. and this was in collaboration with my hubby

There once was a hockey player named Buff
Who was told not to play so rough
He encountered two Preds
And shook their heads
Until the ref said, “Now, that’s enough!”

There once was a centre man named Schief
Who can cut through the defence like a knife
He recieved a great pass
Because his shot is first class
And now he is loved by my wife

Go Jets Go!!!

Day 28- Poem to Back home

NaPoWriMo prompt – to write a postcard -poetry style!

Wish you were here
In the howling gales sweeping the prairies
The heat rising but no plants to speak of

Wish you were here
To see the challenge for the cup
To feel the pride and excitement swell

Wish you were here
To experience a new beginning
A faint hope on the horizon

Wish you were here
To witness a modern day Wild West
Rules don’t apply, but talk does

Wish you were here
To see twenty nine years of change
And for roots to grow deep

But you were here, through it all.

Day 27- The Moon

NaPoWriMo Prompt- picking a tarot card

It sheds light into dark spaces
To keep watch over the night
It brings peace to the wildness of day
To calm and bring quiet
To let sleepy heads dream
To let anguish and sadness drift away
To let bodies recover and regain strength
For nature to co-exist
All by the light of the moon.

Day 26- Sensing the Harte

Sprinting to catch up for the last couple of days, and to prepare myself for the end tomorrow. This poem is about the senses felt during a run. Let’s see how it goes – and as always this is literally just flying from my fingers…

Seeing the path ahead
Through the bare trees
Straight and narrow

Smelling the dry earth
Waiting for rain
Dusty and barren

Touching the trodden ground
Uneven beneath my feet
Stones and clay

Tasting the morning air
Rushing into my mouth
Gritty and fresh

Hearing the wind
Rushing past my ears
Pushing me back.