Season moves on

The wind picks up from the north
Sending waves crashing to shore 
Sending leaves swirling
Sending memories away

The end of a summer
Another one come and gone
The seasons continue no matter how much you want them to stay
Onto the next moment, feeling, beauty

Taking in the last moment
Breathing in the last wisps of warmth
Catching on the cold – coming up for air
Sun warm, clouds cool

End of day

Dictated this poem into my phone as I was walking along the beach this evening with my family. 

End of the day
Last sunbeams on the beach Remnants of fun and play 

Taking the time to enjoy feeling of the cool water on warm toes 

Feeling the warm sand taking everything away 

Mesmerized by the sound of the waves 

Looking towards distance skylines The dunes go on as far as the eye can see 

Hitting the forest then onto the sky and golden beaches and cooling breeze whispering fall.

Summer of discovery

This summer as a family we are going to travel around our home province as adventurers. I’m going to try and write a poem for each one of those experiences. 

Here goes the first one:

Misty green dusting the tops of winter tired trees,
Warm sun with cool breeze,
Forest shelter, dusty path
The earth waking up,
Slithering to life,
Bursting forth with a frenzy<!–

The air pungent with the hopes and dreams of a summer of adventure 
Back into the car, heading home,

Freckles, dust, smiles, full of fresh air 
Until next time. 


I made it! 30 days of poetry writing.  It was a lot of fun.  I liked feeling the creativity flowing from my fingers as I wrote.  I’m going to keep it up, but maybe not as frequent.  When the moment grabs me. Congratulations to my fellow poets that composed for 30 days. It was great to gain inspiration from you all.

For my last one, it is actually an oldie.  Back to when I was 6 I believe.  It is also what the title of my blog originates from. Enjoy…..

Rustle, jump, swoop, gone,
Carried, eaten, dead
Bones, blood, flesh, heart
Eaten, gone, dead.

Ireland 2005 362.jpg
Bridge to the Swiss Cottage, Cahir November 2005


Second last poem for NaPoWriMo, and I am following the prompt for yesterday.

I remember the stillness of the evening
The trees quietly rustling
The shadows across the ground
The vines as they enveloped the structure

I remember enjoying being by the fire
The old paintings staring down on me
The damp creeping in
The morning light shining through lace curtains

I remember playing in the yard with wonder
Tracing my finger over names long ago carved
The grand hills that surrounded
I remember the sad old house


Rossbog, Tipperary -March 2006



Trying out the NaPoWriMo prompt for today about writing a poem about an experience but doing it backwards.  The credit for the second line and picture goes to my Dad.  It is about my watch telling me I had a text message. My Dad sent me a photo of a daffodil that decided to pop up when my Mum thought the bulbs were bad.

How bizarre…
“I come from the haunts of rhubarb and porridge”
and these words danced across the screen
She raised her wrist and saw a daffodil
Curiosity took over
When a ping went off, 
Sitting at my desk, highly concentrated