So today a Canadian Icon passed on. My memories of the music stem back to high school and beyond. For every stage of my life there was a Hip song to join it. I didn’t get to see them in concert until Valentine’s Day 2015 and I fell head over heels for Gord. How he embodied the music on stage. It just gripped me. But then with the devastating diagnosis, I was in denial. When the Hip had their farewell tour, my husband, friends and I were there. I wrote the below poem while I was taking the moment in at the concert. Living it up in the arena. Hanging on every word and note that filled the space and our hearts. I never shared it until now…. Thank you Sir.


The sound of applause

The sound of time slipping away

The man

The machine

The poet

The music alive – living through him, through them

Reverberating out through all of us

Taking us out on a journey into the land we know

To the people we know

And back




Day 30- the alarm

After all that jumping around and catching up, I come to the last. 

The prompt today is to write about something that happens again and again. 

Here goes, and thank you for reading through the month. 

Everyday at 5:30

A strange noise enters my mind

My mind that is off either in dream land or on the edge of waking up

The quiet pleasant sound sledgehammers into my ears

Pounding to wake me up. 

The fumbling to shut the infernal misery off 

Then silence and a moment of quite peace.


9 minutes later (and why 9?)



Causing my heart to falter

And realize again –

I hit snooze and not off! 



I’m up. 

Day 26- A little bird

A little bird came through my window today. 

She landed beside me and started to sing. 

I did not look up and kept on working. 

The song got louder 

But I did not pay attention

She hopped in front of me 

But I remained focussed and shushed her away

The little bird flew sadly away

I waited for her return

But the moment passed. 

I should have looked up. 


Day 25- Opening Treasure

Continuing with the prompts and I feel on a roll at the moment- next from NaPoWriMo is the Day 25 prompt – to write a poem “about the emotional relationship that people have with particular kinds of spaces” in this case a small defined space.

So I will attempt looking at my jewelry box from when I was young.

The shape- teapoy
The key hidden
In a tin with an orange tabby
Bought in Penzance
When I hear the click I smile, and open
The tray has my trinkets, jewels that were special
A brooch of unique shapes made out of pewter from a birthday
A ring bought on the side of the road in Utah under a windswept orange arch
A ring from an old lady at church who thought I was a good girl
The first silver ring I bought with a red stone

Then under the tray
Two boxes
One packed full from a trip to the old country – a rock, a ticket, a candy
The other,
A wedding tin,
With a medal, old…tarnished
That teapoy held not value
But remembrance
And now the desire to hold new treasured memories.

Day 24 – Two Hearts

The prompt that was in place for Day 24 was for a ekphrasis – to write a poem inspired by art.  I am going to try and write a poem based on “The Two Fridas” by Frida Kahlo.  Frida Kahlo is my favourite artist, so hopefully I can write a poem worthy of her art.

The two hearts
not beating as one
Whole and intact or
Bleeding, open, broken
Yet attached reflecting the before, the after
Surrounded by darkness and despair
The blood keeps pumping
Yet caught seeping into brilliant white
Will the heart heal to slow the bleed?
Or will the clouds encompass
The dress turns red
While I turn white
and succumb.

Day 29- The Park

This one is courtesy of Gwynny before bedtime:

I play
I run
I swing
On the Swings
I jump on mushrooms
And then I ride a Shark
to the Pirate Ship
and then back to its house
Where I swim in a canoe
And I swim in the Ocean
its wet…..